Our Mission

The mission of ATRAVES is to support a community of small Nicaraguan organizations that are carrying out creative, locally autonomous approaches to development, education, health and justice.

Our Name

ATRAVES is an acronym for Asociación TransAmericana de Voluntarios En Solidaridad, meaning "TransAmerican Association of Volunteers in Solidarity." The word is pronounced "ah-trah-VASE," pronounced the same as the Spanish phrase "a través." The phrase means "across," or "by means of," and is the inspiration for our tagline: work across borders/trabajando a través de las fronteras.

Our Organization

ATRAVES is an international non-profit that builds connections among communities, organizations and people in Nicaragua and internationally to support development, health and educational efforts in Nicaragua. ATRAVES was founded in 2004 by Nicaraguan educators, community workers and one U.S. volunteer. ATRAVES is comprised of ATRAVES U.S., Inc. (a U.S. (501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, EIN: 13-4347155) and ATRAVES Nicaragua (a Nicaraguan 501(c)(3) equivalent charitable organization located in Managua, Nicaragua). The ATRAVES U.S. office is at 532 Kinsley Avenue, Unit #100, Providence, RI 02909, and can be reached at (401) 450-2183 or info@atraves.org. The Nicaraguan office is located in Barrio Camilo Ortega, contiguo al pozo de ENACAL, and can be reached at (505) 2-22-09-336, or oficina@atraves.org. We are a non-religious, non-partisan organization, and we do not practice or support discrimination of any kind.